In Pakistan over 2 crore children can't go to school because Nawaz family don't spend money on educa

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How can Nawaz family get away with injustice and unfair treatment they giving to Pakistani people. Over 2 crore Pakistani children can't go to schools they to poor there is not enough schools no facilities.

When pmln is in power they don't want to spend money on education because they want people ro stay dumb or poor. Stay slave to them and keep on protecting them carry on worshipping them so they can carry on ruling the poor.

Because the attitude of pmln voters is poor they get poor treatment no clean drinking water no schools no hospitals because sharif family don't use the facilities them self.
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Re: In Pakistan over 2 crore children can't go to school because Nawaz family don't spend money on education but for maryam Nawaz son he gets 5 star education in London. Pmln voters have got right to teach them a lesson by voting against them.



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sometime ... education doesnt help ..

like the person who started this thread ...
education is provincial responsibility ..
when u blAme GANJ--uz about the children of other provinces then it just means you are still uneducated

most number of uneducated children are from balochistan, fata

He said the net enrolment rate in primary education had improved at the rate of 4pc per annum from 14.65 million in 2012-13 to 17.1 million in 2015-16. Again, Punjab had fared better than other provinces, making a contribution of 6pc per annum.

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Some idiots from plmn like this monk is destroying Pakistan because they blindly supporting corrupt Nawaz sharif they don't care about them selfs because they like to live like animals so they don't care Nawaz sharif don't give them any thing they just born slaves. Good luck monkey monk


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It is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to provide free and quality education to every child as there are several NGOs in Pakistan working to provide free scholarships to the underprivileged and deserving student.
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