In Germany you have to pay for the garbage you throw out. That is why they recycle everything!


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یقین تو نہیں آ رہا، لیکن کیونکہ آپ نے 'زائد' بھائی:swordfight:(blah) کی 'قسم' دی ہے ، اسلئیے 'فتویٰ تکفیر' کے ڈر سے مان لیتے ہیں


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In Germany, the city weighs your garbage and charges you $4 per kilogram (!) As a result, people recycle and compost almost *everything*. You need a permit to throw out furniture (once per year, max).,1031,133958,-1.aspx

Hum abhi tak apna bathroom saaf rakhna nahi sekh sakay.

Per hum Delhi per jhanda zarur lehrain gay!

Yaqeen keejeaye!
I am specialist of German News. Brother has started v.good topic. People pay monthly euro 70 or more for the garbage
and footpath cleaning. They have gray container for normal garbage, blue for paper, yellow for plastick, brown for
compot. Please watch this plastic recycling and they burn this plastick for cement factory, no other material.
Please watch all these videos, you will see how far they think and we are not interested to learn their know how ?
Our govt can create lot of jobs but they are
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Grundstzliches zum Abfallvolumen

Die Abfallsatzung verpflichtet uns, Ihnen ein Mindestbehltervolumen fr die Graue Tonne zur Verfgung zu stellen.

Sie geht von einem Regelmastab von 30 Liter pro Person und Woche aus. Reduziert werden kann dieser Mastab auf 20 Liter pro Person und Woche, wenn Sie die von uns angebotenen Verwertungsmglichkeiten, wie z. B. Depotcontainer fr Glas, Papier und Alttextilien, die Recyclinghfe, den Sperrmllservice, den Hckseldienst, die Schadstoffsammlung, die Weihnachtsbaumsammlung und die kombinierte Wertstofftonne/Gelber Sack) nutzen.

Um die Bemhungen Dortmunder BrgerInnen bei der Abfallvermeidung noch weiter honorieren zu knnen, wurde ein 15-Liter-Mastab beim Restmllvolumen mit einem vierwchigen Leerungsrhythmus in die derzeitig gltige Abfallsatzung aufgenommen. Unverzichtbar fr die Anwendung der 15-Liter-Regelung ist aber, dass neben der Inanspruchnahme der vorgenannten Verwertungsmglichkeiten auch keine Organik-Abflle mehr in die Restmlltonne gelangen drfen. Darum ist die Eigenkompostierung oder die Verwendung der Biotonne eine der Voraussetzungen fr den vierwchigen Leerungsrhythmus.

Wenn Sie diese Voraussetzung erfllen und Ihren jetzigen Liter-Mastab auf den 15-Liter-Mastab pro Person und Woche reduzieren mchten, dann knnen Sie dies ber einen speziellen Formantrag bei uns beantragen. Klicken Sie hierzu den Button an und wir senden Ihnen den 15-Liter-Antrag zu.

German to English translation (using Google translate)

This may not be an accurate translation.

Policy regarding waste volumes

Waste Statute commits us to provide you with a minimum container volume for thegray bin is available.

It is based on a control measure of 30 liters per person per week. Can be reduced this scale to 20 liters per person per week if the services we recycling options, such as deposit containers for glass, paper, old textiles, the recycling centers, the bulky waste service, the Hckseldienst, pollutant collection, Christmas tree collection and the Combined Recycling Bin / yellow bag use).

Dortmund's citizens to support efforts in waste prevention reward even further to a15-liter scale was recorded at the residual waste volume with a four-week collection cycle in the currently valid bye-laws. Indispensable for the application of the 15-liter scheme is that besides the use of the above recycling facilities may also no longer accept organic waste entering the waste bin. Therefore, the composting organic waste or the use of any of the conditions for the four-week collection cycle.

If you want to meet this requirement and reduce your current liter scale on the 15-liter scale per person per week, then you can request them via a special application form to us. To do this the button and we will send you the 15-liter application.



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In USA there is a weekly pick up of the Garbage and you pay for that service on monthly basis.
This is what they recycle

All these items are recycled, Newspaper, Magazines, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Paper Boxes and Card Board Boxes.
You can not throw these items in the garbage, they do have inspectors and you garbage can be inspected, if any of the recyclable items are found in the garbage you are issued a ticket.
I wish we can establish some kind of garbage disposal policies in our country.



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European started these charges few years back, In Islamabad these charges are from long time, the christian use to charge per house monthly so do not under estimate your country
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