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Murtaza Ali Shah
Saturday, September 27, 2014
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LONDON: Britain’s Charity Commission says that PTI leader Imran Khan’s two charities, believed to be involved in providing financial impetus to his political campaigns in Pakistan, have not submitted their annual returns and accounts despite several reminders, thereby, failing to comply with the legal requirements.

A spokesman of the Charity Commission said: “Namal College (registered charity number 1144897) and Imran Khan Relief Fund (registered charity number 1137997) are extremely overdue in filing their required annual information to the Charity Commission. Both charities have received several reminders for each of the financial years in question.”

The situation is so bad that one of the charities of Imran Khan — Imran Khan Relief Fund — has not filed its returns in over 800 days. The Charity Commission said that it now plans to take strict action against the charities and may suspend or close the accounts if the trustees continue to flout the legal requirements.

“The commission is taking an increasingly firm stance on charities that fail to account publicly for the money they raise and spend. It is unacceptable for some charities to let the charitable sector down by failing to comply with their legal duties. We will be contacting the charities to instruct them to comply as soon as possible with their reporting requirements.”

It is understood that the Charity Commission has been approached by many Pakistanis who have complained that funds raised in Britain in the name of charity are being used to unleash violence and instability in Pakistan as seen during the PTI and PAT Dharnas where violence was openly incited by both Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri, including violent attacks on parliament, the PTV building and violent attacks on the police and various journalists, including torture of Jang and Geo journalists and stoning of Geo’s Islamabad office for over three dozen times by Imran Khan’s supporters.

It’s believed that Imran Khan not only publicly incited violence against the Geo journalists but personally directed the mobs to target the Geo building. The Charity Commission said that it will be writing to Imran Khan’s charities again to put them on notice to “ensure they comply with their reporting requirements”.

Once the charities have filed their annual returns (should their incomes exceed 25,000) the public will be able to see how the charity raises and spends its money.Imran Khan Relief Fund accounts and annual returns have not been submitted since Aug 31, 2001. The Charity Commission says its accounts have been overdue for around 818 days. The PTI has continued to raise funds using this account and only a few days ago Arif Alvi appealed for funds through the accounts of this charity for the Punjab and Kashmir floods.

The IKRF says that its objective in Pakistan is to “provide relief by sending food and medicine to the relief camps, providing feeds to 200,000 farmers to prevent food shortage and long-term reconstruction of model villages.”

While it will be easy for the IKRF to say that it provides food and medicine to relief camps, there is no evidence that the IKRF is working for reconstruction of modern villages anywhere in Pakistan.

The Namal College, which is also in clear breach of laws of the UK, has Miss Sobia Zia, Taher Nawaz, Imran Khan Niazi, Naeem Khan (mechanical engineer) registered as trustees of the organisation but its returns are overdue since Dec 31 2012 (for around 330 days). Imran Khan has confirmed on July 19 this year that he had raised 500k in Manchester fundraiser for the Namal College.

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (registered charity 1000580) accounts were last submitted on 24 October 2013. The charity commission was told that its income was 2,898,408 and it had spent 2,885,505.

Separately, Britain’s media regulator Ofcom announced in a bulletin on Thursday that it has received complaints that Imran Khan was using a TV advert in Britain in the first week of August 2014 to appeal for funds for “revolution” in Pakistan.

The electronic media regulator was approached with concerns that funds raised in Britain in the name of good causes in Pakistan were ending up paying for extremist and violent political projects. The media regulator said it had obtained the footage and a probe will be held “under the procedures for investigating breaches of content standards for television and radio”.

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