Imran Khan vs Establishment: There Will Be a Mother of All Agreements.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Ye sab bakwas hai no agreement

Harami napak foj aur PMLn new plan nawaz sharif anti establishment aur imran khan ko bikow mall dekha ke election mai jana hai

Napak foj abb nawaz sharief se galiyan khane ko tyar hai awamm ko pagal banane ke liye

Gul Sher Malik

MPA (400+ posts)
this guy has to sell this BS to keep his one watches this site in Pak so now all revenue is based off of these few dumb idiots who visit here to hear any hope

fact is, Nawaz Shareef is very smartly cutting off from establ and pushing them towarda Imran...
lets see who will be biggest dumb Fuk , Imran or Estab 🤣
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