Imran Khan to visit Karachi and Shaheed Zohra Shahid Hussain's house tomorrow


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Imran will come Karachi,will give few harsh statements against MQM,and MQM will reciporcally do same,same drama going on with Fazloo.
If people have sense it's easy to know
All three are working for Nawaz Saharif and Kiyani to divert the attention of main issues "Total failure of Government" they will continue to do these kind of shows.
KIyani is main and focal person who initially played game with Zardari and Nawaz Jew Group with side actors MQM,JUI-FPTI Cheap justice
Now Another round purely with Nooras supporting actors PTI+MQM+JUI_F Agly Bari Zardari


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IK, take care of yourself and
try to have good security.....

Can expect anything from these goons!!!!
Just like he has published WHITE PAPER on election rigging TOMORROW .....
The only thing is this TOMORROW hasn't come in 5-days so far (bigsmile)


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kuch nooras marasi aur nawazo kay paid cell say pagalo jesse batay shoroo ker deta hain is ko moun met lago


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PTI+MQM+JUI-F Paid Tatoos of Kiyani,
Will do dramas,to divert attention from Noora +Kiyani+Kanra Last Loot Maar Sale and get due Kickbacks and cuts.
There is no genuine Opposition all in pockets of Kiyani
Only Musharraf that's why behind Bar not allowed to contest and talk and expose any of these idiots