Imran Khan ... Tazi Tazi Tasveers


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j akhtar

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imran khan zinda bad alha ap ko zindgi aur sahaat de keep going you are the best you will win inshalha noora wil go in jail vry shorty chota noora will be hanged in modal town killig ​ GO NAWAZ GO

Dr Adam

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@Jadoon473: Hamara payaraa machar Eik Zaalim Khojee hai jo uuuuuuundar say khabar nikaal ker laata hai. Long Live Machar!


Yar jo bhi ho apna naam badal lo machar thora danger hay in relation to maleria or dangue anyways luv ur effort to bring our Qaied closer to us thanks again

Uxi Ali

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Well, That is a mystery yet to be Solved.....:dunno:

It is defintiely Faisal.. I saw on my Facebook, there were two pictures shared on IKs official page.. one was the back of Khan sb.. right after that, there is a pic of Khan sb from the front.. clearly taken from a different camera.. guess who was behind Khan... FAISAL!!!.. and if you notice from other pictures, all leaders, young and old, are there at the airport, yet Faisal is missing.. so either its faisal or a friend of faisal who takes pictures from Faisal and upload them here.. one way or other, Faisal is definitely involved ;)