Imran Khan On His Way Back To Islamabad From Birmingham Airport via PK792


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welcome back Kaptaan.. people are warming up here already - you have to lead the nation against the corruption mafia - May Allah Protect you from all evils



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Returning back after a humiliating tour.

Lagta hai tumhe izzat aur beezti ka nahi pata kia hoti hai.
Yeh noora nahi , jo jidher jata hai GO NAWAZ GO ke nare lagte hain.
Imran khan k liye humari jaan bhi hazar hai.Panama leaks mein noora ka naam hai, imran khan ka nahi.
Duniya k sab ministers ,PM jin ke naam panama leaks mein thay , unho ne resign kia, ek humara hi pm K A N JA R hai jis ki apni izzat to hai nahi, sath mein sare pakistan ki insult karwa raha hai
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show off who will do the audit of the flood money ?

lolzzzzzzzz ... This propaganda tried to make khawaja asif today and talking about 2010. What a joke, they are in government since last 3 years.
If they have any evidence put him jail ... Why such type of propaganda come out whenever nawaz in danger ...
I think ths propaganda doesn't work and no body notice it because they know how pml-n lies.


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its moment to make a great new impression.. Today about million of christians were on streets in brazail to show the world that, they hate corrupt politicians and stand for honesty, justice, fair opportunities as christian r honest and want honest country.
the definition of values is straightforward by christianity to stand against corruption , its now muslim turn: Brazil and pak has same population.
it takes just one day to form a great impression in world about islam by launch of million men protest in pakistan... - make sure you, the pakistani use those precious moments wisely and show the world that muslims still hate corruption as non-muslims and christians ..

What muslims r doing against corruption in world watch the video

lolz all non league pandoo's and patwari's ... .. Go imran go lolzzzzzzzzz he prime minister lolzzzzzzzzzzzz ...
Haad hoti hai chawal pan ke ... But noora leagues always lead in chawal pan .
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