Imran Khan Ki Image Aur Personality Ko Tabah Kia Jaraha Hai, Sheikh Rasheed

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For Imran Khan things to consider

i)Majority of the anchors and lournalists are on PMLn roll.
ii)some media journalists who used to cover dharna have been sidelined by their channels.

So Ik has to attend functions and more meetings with party members in district levels and also meet those journalist who have been sidelined and keep them on board.

such bolo

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ایماندار آدمی کے پاس دوباره حملہ کا آپشن هر وقت رهتا هے

فیصله تو میدان جنگ ( الیکشن ) میں هوتا هے کہ کون کہاں کهڑا هے اور کتنا طاقتور هے

اگر قوم بطور سپہ سالار نواز شریف کو پسند کرتی هے تو کون روک سکتا هے

مسله عمران خان کی هار جیت سے زیاده قوم کی اپنی هار جیت کا هے