Imran Khan faces big test:Inquiry team asks PM act against 2 X Generals in Rs50bn scam !! Exclusive


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He is definitely not as smart as he believes himself to be and he definitely is a self-proclaimed Mr. Know everything but he is definitely not a Lifafa or a stooge at least!

Hahaha, are you serious!! If you think that mate, you need lot to learn.


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گلا سڑا مکمل طور پر آزمودہ (ٹیسٹیڈ)۔۔۔۔

ٹیسٹ ٹیوب بے بی

? ? ? ? ? ? ?????


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Niazi cant act against 3rd umpires!
Mulki salamti khatrey main par jaigee ?

Gen Niazi and Indian Gen Jacob after Dhaka surrender. After killing millions, losing half country, enjoying food with 'enemy'. And you think they care.
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Aur yeh to iis ka haal hai doosron per tankeed kerta hai her waqt koi iis ko eik sentence bhi bol de to us ko social media se block ker deta hai. Haram khor