Imran Khan & Dinosaurs - Interesting Article about Imran Khan and Pakistani Politics


[h=2]Imran Khan & Dinosaurs:
A Darwinian Take On Pakistani Politics[/h]So you mean Darwins theory of evolution can be applied to everything in this universe? asked my ever skeptic friend. No doubt it can be! I chuckled. So how would you apply this to Pakistani politics? There is no evolution of this beast. continued my uncanny friend. They (politicians) need something like what happened to dinosaurs; and Imran Khan is going to do that. Food arrived by this time as we were waiting in a crowded deli. Our intellectual discourse was interrupted thoroughly by a meal.
Darwins theory of evolution is not a simple notion that humans evolved from apes (although uneducated media will tell you otherwise). It is a scientific theory of immense importance that has successfully explained innumerable processes in nature and used every day in laboratories for research on living organisms. READ MORE