Imran Khan criticised for feigning ignorance about Uighur Muslims


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Imran khan baychara kya kar sakta hay in global issues main , he is not a leader to whom global Muslims look up to


Voter (50+ posts)
just a propaganda, there is no such issue existed in China, i have traveled to Xinjiang three times in last two years and also spent 5 days during ramazan there..there is no issue like this, its just the western propaganda..and interestingly those countries are criticizing which have millions of Muslims, who created ISIS..and few people sitting in pakistan are blaming this, i think here much better facilities for muslims..and being Muslims we enjoy these facilities


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Here is the reason, you idiot:
1. Khan speaks for Uighers and make China angry;
2. China retaliates and stops all investments including CPEC;
3. Pakistan gets into a very deep economic hole more than what it is already;
4. Pakistanis suffer and start dying.
Then Khan will be held responsible for the mess. Khan was elected to look after Pakistanis, not Uighers. If the Ummah bug has awakened in you then pick up the gun and go to Uigher and start fighting against China.
Pakistan with its present economic situation and its dependency on China is not in a position to fight for anyone, militarily or diplomatically.