Imran Khan congrats but we have not forgotten your promises


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Start the hanging of the corrupt........

When I first interviewed you in Lahore in 1997, the PTI was quite new. It was your first time in politics and I remember quite clearly at that time you had said corruption is the most serious problem affecting this country and that all corrupt people should be hanged. There was a certain naivety that you had at that time. The Imran Khan sitting in front of me here today…how has he changed?

IK: This is a country where thousands of children die from waterborne diseases, where over 1,600 people have committed suicide because they can’t feed their families and here are these criminals siphoning off billions of dollars. My instinct is against capital punishment, but these people are taking lives and I do believe that to stop the plunder of this country, for a while there should be capital punishment above a certain level of corruption. I was in China recently and they had a huge problem with corruption but then 150 state ministers were imprisoned and some were even executed and the problem has been largely controlled.

As for the other question, yes I was completely naive! I’d approach politicians with all sincerity and say ‘you should join me because we want to change this country’ and now when I look back I realise they must have thought what an idiot I was! Because I was being sincere and thought they’d all join me just because of that. But now of course, they’re all joining but they don’t join simply because you are sincere.

Q: Then why do they join?

IK: They join because they have invested a lot in their constituencies. Some of them will join because they are total opportunists and think you are going to win. Others (I think) want to join you but feel you’re not viable. They feel they’ve done a lot of work and built a vote bank and don’t want to join someone who is sincere but unviable.



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Bhai hanging is not possible in Pakistan. Are you mad, times have changed since 1997. Yes, strict punishment should be given like lifetime jail.


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Hanging is not possible near future may be later on...IK should immediately focus on first clear all debts on Pakistan bring them on Zero specially which we all paying Interests on it indirectly..Which means we as a Muslim..all being involved in giving and taking Sood nd enrout to Jahanam..beocz we knew where ours all taxes is going.Second..make all institutions of Pakistan independent and corrupt free..Third.. Immediately start collecting funds for 2 dams which order by CJ..SC and order an emergency making small dams across the country.... removed all taxes on the things which burdon the poor and middle class family.... some more steps are there..but it can be do gradually.but above 3 things should be start immediately..
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