Imran Khan condemns Obama's decision to attack Syria


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan condemned US Barack Obama’s decision to attack Syria on Monday.

A suspected chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 is said to have killed hundreds. The Syrian government has denied any involvement and has instead accused rebel forces for the attacks.

Khan said that the issue of whether the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the Damascus attacks needs to be investigated by UN inspectors and action taken on the basis of UN reports should be in accordance with United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The PTI Chairman said, “the powerful cannot be allowed to break international norms with impunity”.

The US president said on Saturday he would seek congressional consent before taking military action against Damascus for its apparent use of chemical weapons.

Calling Obama’s decision to seek approval from Congress for military intervention an “internal political issue,” Khan said that it did not legitimise the strikes in front of the international community.

He added that Pakistan had also suffered at the hands of the military-intensive approach followed by the US in the form of drone strikes, which were illegal.

He said, “Secretary of State John Kerry’s declaration that Congressional approval was not required was a reflection of the militaristic policies displayed by the Obama Administration during its previous and present tenure in office.”

“It is time that international laws are respected,” Khan continued, adding that this was the only way to curb intra-state and inter-state conflicts.


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Imrab bhaei yeh kiya kiyya aap ney ab aaap pey shiya huney k ilzamaat lagien gey


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Yes US should not attack Syria. But no one is proposing any solution?

Everyone should leave Asad regime to kill millions of people with chemical weapons?
Force the regime fall which will bring extremist into power who are probably worse than Asad regime?

I think Pakistan should stay away from this situation because Arabs are like mad dogs fighting with each other.
Imrab bhaei yeh kiya kiyya aap ney ab aaap pey shiya huney k ilzamaat lagien gey

Aasad is moron but we don't support attack on any shia or sunni country all muslim countrie can force asad for not being crule to his nation same I. Egypt.. but if us came he will kill both shia suni and. Will benefit israel .. we r not idiot like shias who were claping for us on afghan iraq libya and yazid mausharaf against lal masjid. Fata balouchistan . We don't support military operation in karachi even they r our own people give them rights and then isolate criminals .operstion make criminals hearo .


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No purpose to comment on the issue as he isnt in Federal govt.
Let alone to strengthen the hand of some one like Bashar Al Assad.
“the powerful cannot be allowed to break international norms with impunity

Isnt killing 100.00+ of ur own ppl with open use of restricted weapons like Incendiary bombs, Thermobaric bombs, cluster munition and possibly CW against International norms. Isnt turning 7 million of ur own ppl into refugees not against international law?

When all these atrocities were going on he never felt the need to comment, why now?
Did he have anything to say when Egypt Military did a couo and killed 1500 of its own ppl?
How about on ethnic cleansing of Rohingya? Tab Inetnational Law yad nahin aya?

Unnecessary and shameful comment. Of course its been clearly written by the feckless Shireen Mazari.


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Attacking syria without proof of Chemical weapons being used by the Asaad Regime is the same as Executing a person for a murder without having proof that he actually committed the murder.

Imran is right, if today its syria that is alleged for something and being attacked then tomorrow it will be Pakistan being attacked for something never proven.