Imran advises KP govt to tax NATO supplies


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PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday advised the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to tax the Nato supply vehicles, enforce strict financial discipline and explore revenue generation avenues.

According to an official handout, he stated this at a briefing by the additional chief secretary for finance given to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak. Provincial ministers, chief secretary and others attended the briefing.

Imran said that the Nato supply and other tax collection avenues should be supervised and strictly monitored to indicate how much improvement the system had and how much revenue the system could generate.

The PTI chief said the Nato supply vehicles were damaging the road communication infrastructure in the province and added taxing it would generate resources, which could be spent on the rehabilitation of roads.

Imran said the province had the potential to cut down its deficits. Its leadership should stand for the rights of the province and focus on resource generation. There are all the reasons that the province would overcome all the challenges, he said. The PTI chief said for good governance and efficient services in all social sectors, it was imperative to tax the untaxed sectors. He said financial health of the province was poor and so was the economic situation therefore, the provincial government should take steps for the revenue generation so that the province could have a sustainable financial system.

He said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was faced with a host of challenges which could be tackled through the matching will and response. Imran said the local government system to be introduce in the province would lead to the empowerment of people at the grassroots level as the village councils would get development budget and they could spend it through their own drawn up priorities.

The local government system depends on a strong and sound local taxation system therefore, the need is to expand the areas of taxation, which is a practice in vogue all over the world where they collect their taxes through an efficient system and spend them on the public welfare. He said the provincial government should have an efficient mechanism for a devolved taxation system, which will automatically enhance revenue.


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American har channel har programme may Aehsaan jatatay hai k unho ne Pakistan ko $20 billion CSF may diye hai. Agar Pakistan ki policy shuru din say thek hoti aur woh US say CSF ki jaga apna Tax leta toh shayad aaj is say ziada zara mubadla milta aur US aehsaan bhi na jata pata.


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yes this line is correct to generate more revenue stop pilferages and spend on law and order.
hiring experts on police, intelligence and school administration are the options that can also be explored


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Squeeze every penny from the elites (through legit means of course), and

spend for the welfare of the WHOLE province.....


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KPK Govt. ko lazman American say $ lanay chahyah koun kah wo serko ko tabah ker rahay hain..........good step


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One thing if you may have heard is the american withdrawal.

Now it will be difficult to sustain Wot on your own and therefore, people are looking for way out in APC.


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Instead of trying to stop NATO supply, IK is talking about getting them taxed. The stupid Khan is providing legitimacy to the NATO supply this way.
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You can not tax twice on same thing at least in EU and USA.

if usa pay tax to pk.
they don't have to pay kpk.


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Agar to American dollars ke samne hathyar dalne hi te to NATO SUPPLY ke khilaf dherne kiyon diye. Es ko kehte hein U turn.


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Instead of trying to stop NATO supply, IK is talking about getting them taxed. The stupid Khan is providing legitimacy to the NATO supply this way.

KPK Govt. NATO supply rok bhi degi magar os se ***** biradran takleef mae ajaengay...... Ab KP Govt ko pata hae ke PMLN mae itni taab nahi ke American pressure seh sakay, to es se acha hae ke Jaiz tax to on se kam az kam wasool kar lo......

Khalid Waheed

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we should ban NATO supply as previously stated policy (Supply to Afghanistan through KPK)
however if NATO want to evacuate Afghanistan then tax should be collected from each NATO vehicle passing through KPK (Supply from Afghanistan to Karachi)
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