Ikram Sehgal Traitor


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Maj (R) Ikram Majeed Saigol, whose mother was Bengali (East Pakistan) and father from West Pakistan, joined Pak Army in 1966. In 1970 he was Court Martialled. During 1971 insurgency in former East Pakistan he defected Pakistan Army and joined Mukti Bahini a freedom fighter, outfit funded and trained by Indian Army. He was an active member of Mukti Bahini, a terrorist organization of die-hard Bengalis who fought ruthlessly against Pak Troops and their acts of barbarism against Biharis, Pakistani Nationals and Armed Forces Personnel fighting in former East Pakistan are on record.

This officer alongwith his mother were obviously very ambitious and when were not rewarded adequately both sought asylum in West Pakistan. They developed intimacy with Late General Yahya Khan. This officer married in a very influential family of Pakistan which funded him to establish a Security Agency by the name of Security Management Services (SMS). He is still working in close collaboration with CIA and the Government of the United States of America. Intelligence Agencies, have substantial evidence about his back-ground and current information about his activities.

In consequence to his being Court Martialled, and as part of punishment he was forfeited of his army rank of Major this as a punishment means, he has debarred to use army rank with his name.
As a cover-up of his malicious actions against Pakistan and its armed forces in East Pakistan, he published a periodical named Defense Journal which stopped its publication soon after.

Currently he has a merger with G-4 Security and is its chairman in Pakistan, NOC of G4S is cancelled by MOI and they have opted for using SMS name again.

I have got this information from Retired officers who served with this traitor in 1971 war. Its really depressing to see a traitor of our country coming on State and Private TV channels as Defence Analyst.

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