Ikhtilaf - 27th September 2013 - Shahid Nadeem Baloch IGP Sindh


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Group of crimnals were and are given free hand by some "politicians" like Zulfiqar Mirza and majority of politicians have no guts to have head on approach with Pakistan's state power, which is more than enough. System is big hurdle. Unless Pakistan creates Strong City Governments responsible of their own security, policing, and people representative making decisions not DC, SP, & Commissioners. Things will never change. Mayors backed by rangers and Army will bring security not IMPORTED police officers. Logically Pakistani people have not elected even 5% Mullahs or Taliban in assembly is indication that these are few people destroying Pakistan. Few have hijacked whole nation. General Zanani and intellectually Zero Nawaz have no guts to control, while politicians like Shahbaz Sharif & PPP want to be like Saudi King and are not willing to give powers to the people to have Strong Mayors. One CM can not control whole province. This system has failed and will FAIL. Based on Pakistani people and strong Army these groups can be destroyed in a month. Strong MEN & ts are required.
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