If Joe Lieberman's anti-terror bill becomes law, the Times Square bomb will have work

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Bombs do not always have to explode to have their desired impact. That would appear to be a simple, and disturbing, lesson to draw from the failed attempt to set off a car bomb in Times Square, New York, last weekend.
If you assume that one of the main aims of terrorists is to use fear to force Americans to change their open society, then the attack, allegedy carried out by Faisal Shahzad, succeeded perfectly well. It took only a few days after the bomb was discovered for independent Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman to propose a draconian new law that would strip US citizenship from anyone linked to foreign terrorists. His move was swiftly backed by leading Republicans.


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Unfortunately most people don't think on the flip side of things, but quick to jump on conclusions. Every terrorism drama is orchestrated just to pass some of their own agendas.


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