I want to have Osama Bin Laden's grandchild, says surrogate mum Louise Pollard


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A British woman is using the sperm of Osama Bin Laden's son to conceive a grandson for the world's most wanted terrorist, it has been reported.

Louise Pollard is undergoing treatment in the United Arab Emirates in an effort to allow Omar Bin Laden to have a child with his British wife Jane Felix Browne, according to the Daily Mail.
She has so far failed on three occasions to conceive using Mrs Bin Laden's eggs, and has vowed that if the fourth attempt is not a success she will try with her own eggs.
The couple, who met on a horse riding trip to Egypt's pyramids in March 2007, have not been able to have children and tracked down Miss Pollard through a surrogacy website.
Omar, a scrap metal dealer, and his wife have had to sit tight in Qatar for two years while their visa applications to live in the UK have been rejected.
A British son may help their cause.
Miss Pollard is married to 24-year-old soldier Damian, 24, and has two children of her own.
She appeared on ITV's This Morning yesterday to speak of her love of surrogacy, but did not reveal the identity of the couple she was helping this time.


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In kay barry us ko marnay ka liay talaash kar rahy hain or yh dekhain us ki family barrhany ki wish kar rhi hai or woh bhi binna kisi ristay kay.

Qiyamat ki Nishani hai bhai ji ..... !


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Omar bin ladin is doing all that to get british nationality or entry in britan ?

Just try to think whats the catch behind that ???