I had suggested Edhi to make a pressure group but never thought to derail Benazir govt :- Imran Khan


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Agar Aaj Edhi siasat may ajayee tu in patwarioo nay us ki bhi ma behn aik kar daini hayy..

Khuwaja sara nay foran press confrence kar dainihay kay edhi zakaat kay paisayy mulk say bahir lay jataahayy..

Haneef abbasi, talal chaudhry jaisayy do takky log..

Edhi ko 1 haftay may is mulk kis sari kahmiooo ka zimay dar thera day gayy..

Jaisay yeh Imran khan kay khilaf bhonktay hayy..

Majaal kisii aisay banday ki kay woh siasat may aye jo mulk aur kaum kay liyayy izaat kama chukaa hoo..

Ahmed Awais

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Why Establishment wanted to use IK and Edhi against Benazir Bhutto



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I have alot of respect for Imran...BUT when it comes to EDHI Sahib....I would believe Edhi Sahib and would support his stand ..rather then Imran Khan...Because obviously one is telling the truth..


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حمید گل اور عمران خان نے مجھے دھمکیاں دیں
ہمارے ساتھ نہ آئے تو اٹھا کر لے جائیں گے


Liar, the "Imran Khan" in that story is IMRAN ULLAH KHAN who was one of Benazir's ministers in the 90s and a retired army general

the lies you patwaris keep making to descredit imran khan is amazing! Truly amazing how you people keep trying and FAILING.

Next time you try doing something like this again, remind yourself how big of a liar you are. LIAR
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