I am filing a defamation case against Chairman NAB: Malik Ahmed Khan


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Calibri Madam, You are a born loser.
You were thrown out of King Edward Medical College for getting admission through your dishonest father Noora with much bellow required marks.

You had been kicked out of "Youth Programme" by the Lahore High Court because of "misusing of govt fund" for your own image building, in October 2014.

In July 2018, you had been sentenced to 7 years in Jail along with a penalty of nearly 35 crores rupees for corruption in Avenfield reference case by Supreme Court.

Supreme Court also disqualify you from contesting elections for 10 years.

You are the only politician in the history of Pakistan whose career ends before it could get started.
....A born loser.


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Whatever.. he also said he will be suing WSJ for saying sharif bros asked for a bribe...that was months ago..still waiting for that one to be filed