I Accept That Imran Khan Supported Me Through Out - Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary


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سانپوں کے بچے کبھی نہی بدلتے جتنا مرضی ان کو دودھ پلاؤ

سانپ کو لاکھ دودھ پلاو وہ ڈسے گا ضرور


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there was a time when leaders or influential people used to desire to something special that their name lives in history for ages.... looking at this 1 eye ex chief of pakistan,he alone could have changed pakistan... it made me wish why didn't we have such kinda people anymore who dream to be loved n praised for generations..


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Allah SWT naay isko jitni izzat di thee iss naay woh sirff aur uktarfa insaaf karr ke Mitti mai Milla vdi aggar yeh uss waqt yeh naa kehta keh meray Paas 20 hazaar case hain aur mai dhandli kaa case nahi sunn saktaa aur yeh banda aik Sharab ki bottle parr Suo Motto action lailata thaa issi baat naay isko zaleel o khawaar aur ghatia karr diaa humm sabb iskay supporter thaay maggarr isko Izzzat Ki kheer hazam nahi huwi

Hunain Khalid

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جس پارٹی کے لیڈر پی ایچ ڈی کرنے کے بعد ایم اے کرتے ہوں اور گیس کو بیرل میں ماپتے ہوں، وہ سٹیل مل 2005 میں بیچ کر فلیٹس 1998 میں کیوں نہیں خرید سکتے ؟



Nadir Bashir

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Dear Last Chief Justice, we did not supported you...................

We only supported judiciary and justice right for people of Pakistan...............

But you disappointed us.....................You are a shame


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You are a pathetic liar SOB!! A looser with no integrity. Remember you will have to show your ugly face to Allah one day and your organs will witness your utter filth.