Huge Blast in Peshawar near security forces convoy.


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Pti Pakistan ke amlan khidmat karna chahte hai par inn dono partion ka diya hoe shar sey awam tab hi Bach sakte hai jab yeh iktadar se Bahir kick out hon ge

Jasmine Esfahani

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Three killed in Peshawar blast

Looks like no one wanted to post it.


PESHAWAR: Three people including a woman and FC officer were killed as a result of a blast in front of the railway station here on Tuesday. 13 people were also injured in the blast.
According to sources a FC vehicle was damaged in the blast. Large contingents of the police and law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the area of the blast.
The intensity of the blast was so severe that windows of nearby buildings were shattered.
CCPO Peshawar said the explosives were planted in an Alto car
The deceased and injured have been shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital.



Re: Three killed in Peshawar blast

looks like no one wanted to post it.

could not agree more; everybody interested in some other things


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it is very vital that this army operation goes into the roots of the insurgents to eliminate them completely
now that the army has taken step, there should be no relaxation or backing off from the operation, else these terrorist will make a comeback.

Since the army operation started, it is fact that bomb blasts have reduced a lot, but still there will be retaliation from the terrorist wherever possible. I hope for the best since the main people who suffer are from Peshawar always and sometimes Islamabad is also victim