How the Mainstream Media,n US Govt. steer the world towards hating the muslims....

foqia khan

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How the MSM, and US Govt. steer the world towards hating Muslims because they want, and need war in the Middle East, and further.
Revolution Muslim is a frequently cited website as to how screwed up Muslims are. What's interesting about it? It's run by a die hard Zionist who is running around pretending to be a Muslim, and acting the part of the US ideology of what a Muslim are. They promote violence, and terrorism. Check out this link ... ntroversy/

Most of the Muslim terrorists are shown to be nothing more than actors playing a part for the NWO; they aren't real Muslims.


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But muslim themselves are no better either, our own acts and jahalat is right at the top for the reasons why world hate us


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Yes no blame on anyother...

We are responsible for your condition.

We have to learn from Jews some matters.