How Soney Bell Williams Attracted Thousands to Islam?


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After New Zealand beat Australia at the World Rugby Championships.
A boy enters the stadium to take pictures with his team, enters the security and drops it in front of the Muslim New Zealand player (Sony Williams) who hugged him and prevented the guards from arresting him, taking with him commemorative pictures before taking him to his family on the runway. Then he surprises everyone by giving the child a gold medal, saying “ it looks nicer on his neck than on my neck”!
"I want this scene to remain stuck in his mind for the rest of his life," he said
Sony Bell Williams is one of the greatest rugby players in its history in the world.
He had surprised everyone by announcing his Islam for years,
He said he was satisfied with his minimum financial profits, and the rest is spent on good deeds and orphans' associations
On the second day, the New Zealanders rushed to buy Islamic books belonging to the center established by this player to know one thing, the truth about Islam.
One person changes a lot for good with a positive attitude ..
Another person may do things that push people to hate Islam.
Let us begin with a step that favors people in Islam.
Watch the video:

(Williams converted to Islam in 2009, while in France playing for Toulon. He is the first Muslim to play for the All Blacks. In 2018 he performed an Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca and Medinah.[244] He is a dual citizen of New Zealand and Samoa.[245])