How many votes are needed to elect a prime minister?


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Is it two third or a simple majority will do?

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172 NA seats needed to form govt - if one party can get these many seats then they have simple majority. 2/3 is needed to pass a bill or resolution in assembly. Now if a party can get 137 NA seats then they have enough quote on reserved seats (female, minority others) to reach 172.


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B/w dont forget tht reserve seats for women etc based on wining seats in NA. So we need to include them to count 172. So i believe 120-130 + independent + PMLQ is enough for simple majority.


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Pti will clean sweap in national assembly inshallah but main problem is punjab gov without punjab pmship is nothing
Agreed but soon you will find a forward block as you also need federal Govt support to run effectively:)


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Fahad yaar main tera baari beetabi saye intizaar ker raha tha .. some highlights from your past posts

1. SS could be better for Pakistan.
2. PTI will win KPK and south but central and north will be held by PMLN
3. PTI might make government but PMLN will be strong for Punjab Assembly

Finally the best truth hurts, sialkot PTI benches are empty ... .. hahahahhahaa
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