How has Modi won despite oppressing the minorities? Indian journalist gives inside news

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I do agree with a point of BJP propaganda machine i.e corporate media but that's not the only decisive major factor.

Congress leadership Rahul Ghandi is a symbol of Dynastic politics which doesn't resonate with the young voters same as Bilawal and Sharif's progeny in Pakistan.


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Minorities specially Muslims are at stake in India, bus ALLAH RAHAM FARMAYE, AAMEEN

Mudi satta ke nashe mein choor woh badmast haathi ho jo apne neechaay pata nahin kiya kuch masal de ga


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جو بھی ہو انڈیا اسی تباہی کی راہ پر چل پڑا ہے جس پر چل کے آ ج پاکستان کا ستیاناس ہوا ہے۔

آگے آگے دیکھے ہوتا ہے کیا۔