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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

This quote is very relatable to the current situation in Pakistan. Initially, when the Azadi March began everyone was laughing at the notion of Nawaz Sharif's resignation and everyone including me believed that there would be some bargaining on the issue. However I am amazed at how things have changed. If you look at the analysis given by most media analysts from yesterday you would begin to feel that chances of Nawaz's resignation have increased by many folds. I doubted IK on this issue and I believed he should have compromised for election reforms and fair quick investigation of election rigging but I am starting to think I was wrong and he made the right decision and game plan in demanding the resignation of Nawaz from the beggining.

As the quote goes, I believe that the fighting period is almost over now, Nawaz is totally down and defeated in spirit and its time for the win.

And for people who started doubting IK on the first day when he left for Banigala, I would like to inform you everything was part of a strategy. If IK did not go back that day and stayed there day and night from the beginning the Azadi March could not have gone on for so long. He did not go back for himself, he went back so the people participating in the dharna got in the routine of doing there business in the morning and continue the dharna at night. Since he himself is living in that container since 13 days but the supporters go back to rest at night.
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ya tu nay avatar ma kis kut-ty ki pic lagi ha. Acha howa ya kut-ty ke mut mara. Jahanum ka lan-ty kut-ta.
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