How Dirty Naseer Blackmailed SCP Judges To Go Against PTI Govt


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Pakistan ki Establishment guzishta 75 saalon se corrupt politicians afsar shahi mil kar mulk kay sources aur resources par Qabza kar kay baithi hai —— Aur Adaliya ki corruption ki waja se aaj tak Insaf hamain nahi mila ——— iss ghaleez budboo dar establishment aur corrup nizam se nijat hasal karnay kay liye Awam ko mil koshish karni ho gi​


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This chacha lulli has just exposed himself as being from Nani 420's media cell working on qeema naan basis. All of a sudden at around the same time around 45mins ago a lot of these memes of IKR's started to appear on social media, as predicted in the video posted above about the start of a smear campaign against IKR.

These dumbshits think this will sway the public opinion. Chacha lulli I know you didn't understand a word of all this, thats why I posted it in English ?
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