Holy Quran & Prophet Yousuf A.S.

Baba jee

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I have seen the whole video...It truly reflect the life of Hazrat Yousaf...including birth,childhood,adulthood etc.....especially when Hazrat Yaqoob(Father of Hazrat Yousaf) came to Missr(Egypt) and how they see eachother....
There are lot of emotional spots and literally you start crying while watching this.
If you would like to see it Please visit the following link.


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I am confused who made this video/movie?? I believe it is against our Islamic principals to depict any PROPHET of ALLAH :subhanahu:.


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whats up with this domain shiatv.net.......promoting sectarianism?
no hard feelings....i love my shia ppl but......i don,t know.....
i guess we need.....muslimtv.net.....peacetv.net.....Sunnahtv.net.....than shia/sunni or wahabitv.net
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