Hindu hardcore vs Pakistani soft core & both nationality consequences end results !


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Hindu hardcore vs Pakistani soft core & both nationality consequences end results !

The article thesis is about discussing the elements of two nationalities yet their similarities are minute where differences are unlimited where as their differences outweigh each other by miles that need to be addressed. We will compare the differences between these two nation's hardcore rhetoric stands versus their softcore culture attributes values.

Than we will emphasis the light hearted attitude doesn't work in this day & age simply sheer lack of mistrust. And it's consequences on both nations that have far reaching impact for those concerned! But that said in secular world maybe it's insignificant values to hardcore points local general populations in original countries.

One must follow down to earth approach versus flooky repercussions to consequences of hardcore versus flooky repercussions, and those are self evident.What are flooky repercussions due to softcore attributes?

Now let's take a look at a typical user mentality of Indian generally speaking, they follow the whites principal of British rule back 200 years ago when Red coats invaded India & used the extreme views on general population. On the contrary Indians have forgotten their own agenda in broader big picture of staying less nuatral more optimistic where in the world one cannot afford to slip up even a slightest aggressiveness which have exxagerated effect's!

Now about hardcore rhetoric from Indian point of view, goes to prove only 1 policy agenda, the self hatred of others from within their own communities.

For instance let me categorically give examples of hardcore extremists versus light softcore personality. Being in subcontinent we can have two mindsets, a stubborn approach to easy going. For instance, if one goes to a resterurant and purchases a Mc meal after eating it, he either leaves or stays & occupies the table for another hour! ( total time 2 hours spent where the easy going spent 30 minutes and left ).

The easy going person simply leaves & moves on but our hardcore extremists sits there makes a scene, annoys everyone around them in way to gain attention to other nuisance problems! Now for sports a nation playing breathing Cricket, when ever Pakistan grows a talented player to shine of extra caliber, the Indian strong lobby policymakers is quick to make certain they pass laws or bylaws to curb the Pakistani player from ever playing again in Cricket matches !

These are some problems associated with extremists causing nuisance around peaceful environment to name a few including the sports man to prevent playing the game due to his extra ordinary talent !We have to understand the issues of aggressive extremists is on scale larger than the above example's to mind boggling social tactics to injustice, to law bending for those concerned to anything racist, where our PM Modi takes number one position for being the most stupid PM to date for a country such as India, a wonderful spectrum of ethnicities etc.

Google list Modi as the most dumb PM or stupid PM to date in history http://t.co/b2VzoWeMIL

What are the consequences of being light to easy going personality individual instead versus of tough to hardcore individual in everyday life? Others taking advantage of a situation. Eg, there is a saying generally one man's trash is another's gold ! Ignorance is a bliss, remember the general who ignored the lieutenant who was trying to warn a breach in high command eventually caused coup de tat!

Losing on critical office benefits thought of gaining more Popular in friendlier crcle's to lower as self conscious or losing friend's etc! Long term goals in outside out of the box goals such as knowledge seeking if traveling abroad, certain individuals know more where they are heading to better prepared to assisted help lines where others are lack lasting (light softcore individuals ) are more in par with on the go approach to missing out!

Where an Pakistani fails there is always an Indian capitalizing. The world at large beyond country Pakistan is very tight place not fluidor drifting wondering can do anything, one must be bullish at all times.
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i Think, post was originally written in Punjabi, then Google Translated into English.

Even a Gora english man cant write such fine English LOL !!!!

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Narendra Modi : Great Threat to Sub Continent

The dividend at last was drawn in 1947 on the basis of Two Nation Theory after withdrawal of the English from the Sub Continent. The Hindus got India and Muslims Pakistan.India has never accepted the existence of Pakistan--a harsh reality for India. A race of build up of lethal weapons of higher quality and quantity in both countries has been continuous for a long time. The relationship of the two countries has always been hostile to each other.

Indian Prime Minister's , Narendra Modi, recent threats to Pakistan and repeated violation of Line of Control (LOC) seems to be highly rediculous and above all stupidly foolish. The two countries are no longer those of 1971; both are now atomic powers. Narendra Modi does realize it but he still carries on giving threats to Pakistan. Modi is a great threat to the peace of South Asia.

Pakistan is not afraid of such threats at all but Pakistan tries to prevent any situation from happening, when the populations of the two countries will disappear from the surface of the earth. Modi should understand that fears must not be created in the populations of both countries across the border. Any armed conflict will mean an atomic war-- a big war in which every city of both the countries will be targeted by atom bomb.

Dr Ali Ahmad
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