Hindu actors for sale to gain nationalities abroad


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Bollywood actor who campaigned for Stephen Harper was granted Canadian citizenship by Conservative government


In the thick of the 2011 federal election, Stephen Harper appeared in the Indo-Canadian heartland of Ontario with a ringer.

At a campaign stop in Brampton, Bollywood mega-star Akshay Kumar praised the then prime minister, danced on stage with his wife, Laureen Harper, and thrilled the audience.

It’s unclear if Kumar’s stumping had any impact on voters, but a few weeks later the Conservatives swept every riding in Brampton and nearby Mississauga that has a large south Asian population.

And at some point, the Harper government invoked a little-known law to grant the actor Canadian citizenship, circumventing the usual, stringent residency requirements for would-be Canadians, says a former Conservative cabinet minister.

That Canadian passport recently caused a commotion in Kumar’s native India, where he has fashioned himself as an Indian patriot – and promoted nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the election that just ended.
But the way he became a Canadian raises questions about his participation in this country’s politics, too.

I think it was, pure and simple, 'You campaign for me, I’ll get you in'


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Akshay Kumar himself a big racist so conservative are, Alberta has given Stephen Harper the respect which he does not deserve, Poor Calgary !!!

But I think this time again will Trudeau will be winning