Highest Jumps Ever


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I hate those drunk losers doing such kind of stuff. Allah has given us one life and we must spend this precious time while serving mankind instead of acting like a wild animal.


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Red Bull an energy drink. After that you become a super man doing this purposeless nonesence jumps . Show business is no business and this jumping
business is unnecessary tickling the nerves and vaste of money.
There was one more super man- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - -- President B U S H and his perpetrators. All the prices have gone up and the world wide
economy is on knees and poor countries have become bagger countries specially islamic countries.
Please nominate him for nobel price for peace or any gold . they were as well jumpers but different kind that the history never forgets such events !!!!!!


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Come on guys, these guys are daredevils and appreciate their guts. This white race has done and given so many useful stuff to the human race, and lets learn to appreciate it, itstead of just look at the negatives.

Murshad Jee

Amazing..............................but stupid act.