Height of Mismanagement - TDAP officials left for India for Lifestyle Exhibition without stall insta


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ہر طرف جوتيوں ميں دال بٹ رہى ہے يہي پاکستان کى تباہى کى بنيادى وجہ ہے


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Masha'Allah - Badla hai Punjab ab badlein gai Pakistan !

Corruption, Incompetence at it's Extreme Height !

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NEW DELHI: The Indian High Commission in Islamabad has issued as many as 350-400 visas to Pakistani businessmen to participate in the 2nd edition of 'Lifestyle Pakistan' exhibition to be held here from September 11.

In the last one month, the mission received 350-400 requests for the visas and all these requests have been processed and visas have been issued, sources said, adding the mission was still receiving requests and will process the same in due course

Farah Qureshi

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U guys take so much pleasure in abusing your own institutions is so disheartening.The reporter goes to the extent of accusing the officials...as if they have left to india to party.People fail to realise how much of sincere hard work goes in to bring such a mega event to reality,how many businessmen will benefit.However jumping to conclusion for some cheap media publicity seems to be order of the day.Media needs to be more professional in approach.