Hassan Nisar Blasts Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on New Provinces Issue


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Saraiki, Hazara, Karachi, Potohar, South Pakhtunkhaw (North Baluchistan) provinces are the need of the day.............................

Abdul Haadi

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"murson murson sindh na desoon-oh sindh kia teri motor cycle hai"[hilar] [hilar]. Best line, "it will not divide rather multiply the country". From east to west countries have more provinces have better economics and infrastructure. We definitely should have more provinces but on ethnic base.


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Marsoon marsoon, dhainchoo dhainchooooo. Like father like son!
That's not a bilawal slogan. Nothing to do with him, he just uses it to counter mqm propaganda ! The slogan is dear to all Sindhis as it was used by Hoshoo sheedi laying down his life against English in 1843!


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پیپلز پارٹی کا موقف تو نیا نہیں ، پرانا ہے ، مگر تحریک انصاف کا نیا موقف بہت انوکھا ہے ، سندھ کی تقسیم پر انصاف بھی کجھ نا ڈیسوں