Hassan Abdulsattar Bukhari, the oldest muezzin of the Prophets Mosque, died


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This undated file photo shows Hassan Abdulsattar Bukhari calling for prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque.


MADINAH — Hassan Abdulsattar Bukhari, the oldest muezzin of the Prophet’s Mosque, died Thursday at the age of 76.

Bukhari, who was officially appointed muezzin in 1982, was suffering from an undisclosed chronic disease and was admitted to the ICU at King Fahd Hospital in Madinah where he breathed his last.

Thousands of Madinah residents and visitors to the holy city joined the funeral prayers for Bukhari at the Prophet’s Mosque. He was later buried at the Baqi Al-Gharqad graveyard.

Bukhari was born in 1940 in Madinah and had his early education at one of the city’s elementary schools.

Bukhari inherited the muezzin’s job from his father, who had started work at the Prophet’s Mosque toward the end of the Ottoman era. He was blessed with nine children, six boys and three girls.
-Saudi Gazette


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