Haroon Rasheed gave tough time to Habib Akram when he tried to defend MQM

Imran Siddiqi

Minister (2k+ posts)
Habib Akram se poocho ke kia Mujeeb Ur Rehman Ghaddar tha ?
Kis adalat ne usay ghaddar qarar diya tha. aur agar ghaddar qarar diya tha toh chora kiyun usay.
Yeh pakistan Tootnaay ke baad bhi yeh hee kehtay rahayngay ke adalat mein sabit karo.


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the day we Pakistani read history of the 1971 debacle with out bias, we would not be able to face Bengalis, we treated them inferior, the cruelty, poor Bengalis faced is unbelievable in the end obviously we got punished badly


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I have no doubt our media is heavily paid either by government or establishment I mean for god sake just four days ago, 70 innocent people brutally murdered 300 hundred injured and our media still discussing mqm unbelievable this is just to divert peoples attention from a sad incident shame on them these media people are scum of earth


MPA (400+ posts)
Haroonn Rasheed Ab tere Qabar me jaane ke din AA gaye hain, too abhi bhi MQM ki dushmani me laga hua hai
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