Hamza Shahbaz Sharif Speech In Punjab Assembly | 17 June 2019


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Gharib qasir apne tt balances that you remitted illegally why dont pay to all the poor of lahore and duas islams asks leader to act before you lecture
You sucked all the blood of the poor now you are acting as a spokemen for the the poor your family was in power for 30? Years no clean water no hospital your income and your family increased billions
Jutha or faraib leader sharam sey dub na chahey hum to Mushtaque chini ko jantey nay
You and jutha brother in london you will escape the azhab of allah inshallah

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Amritsari Jati Umra kay sub say baray Dallay ka tabbar, Zahir hey kuuunjaroon ki aulad kuuunjar he ho gi, yeh Heejra begherat kukri chor jhoota hey, begherat hey, chor hey. Inn ka anjaam bohat bura ho ga InnshaAllah.