Hamid Mir Says PPP Envoy Husain Haqqani Planted Fake Audio


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(InformPress.com OPINION-COMMENTARY) - Hamid Mir - Pakistani
journalist, Executive Editor of Pakistan's Geo News TV, Anchor of
Geo's Capital Talk television program and Columnist of daily Jang/The
News International based in Islamabad, Pakistan - has pointed out to
the Guardian, a daily rag of London, UK, that Husain Haqqani, an envoy
of PPP's infamous convicted criminal Asif Ali Zardari in Washington
DC, USA, cunningly planted a fake and fictitious audio-clip in May
2010 in the LUBP defamation (libel and slander) website/blog of PPP to
frame, blame and defame Hamid Mir.

The PPP LUBP blog, titled "Critical PPP - A Project of Critical
Supporters of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) - Let US Build Pakistan
(LUBP)", is actually a 'Let U.S. Destroy Pakistan' website of PPP
liars, misleading disinformationists and malicious propagandists. The
PPP LUBP blog is Anti-journalists, Anti-Geo/Jang/The News Media Group
and Anti-The Nation/Nawa-i-Waqt/Waqt TV Media Group of Pakistan. The
PPP defamationist have illegally and maliciously defamed Pakistan's
independent journalists Hamid Mir, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Ahmed
Quraishi, Shireen M. Mazari, Dr. Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen
Sehbai, Kamran Khan and Muhammad Saleh Zaafir; Pakistan Supreme Court
Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry; and many other innocent
persons with their libelous lies, deceptive disinformation and
poisonous propaganda.

In the PPP LUBP blog, the PPP media-press freedom abusers or free
speech abusers have also written/published countless defamatory,
derogatory, insulting, curse/swear/hateful, or dirty words against
respected journalists, human rights advocates and intellectuals/
scholars, which they probably learned from their uncivilized families
or obtained from this list or dictionary of Swear or Bad Words:
-- Click this Web link: http://www.noswearing.com

All PPP/Pro-PPP defamers or critics of truthful journalists are
psychopathic sycophants of the ruling PPP's corrupt tyranny of 10 evil
Satanists deceptively disguised as politicians of the PPP - Asif Ali
Zardari, Yousuf Raza Gilani, Salmaan Taseer, Abdul Rehman Malik, Ahmed
Mukhtar, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Zaheeruddin Babar Awan, Qamar Zaman
Kaira, Fauzia Wahab, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf - and many other US CIA
actors, mercenaries, or slaves - who are daily struggling to
disintegrate, divide and break-up Pakistan through the US unlawful/
fraudulent War of Terror; bomb blasts; US illegal drone-missile
attacks on innocent Pakistani civilians; barbaric military operations
against thousands of innocent Pakistanis/Afghans; defamation,
demonization, or psychological information warfare; anarchy or
lawlessness; and civil wars among many factions, sects and cults of
warring Pakistanis, which are gradually destroying Pakistan.

All patriotic/nationalist Pakistanis should realize that the real
purpose of the US, UK, NATO-ISAF, Israeli and Indian illegal/
fraudulent War of Terror against all Pakistanis, Afghans and Muslims
is to break-up Pakistan into seven new countries - Punjab, Sindh,
Khyber, FATA, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir - and
steal or eliminate all nuclear weapons of Pakistan through the ruling
PPP, MQM and ANP greedy traitors.

After receiving billions of dollars from American, British and Western
warlords - which were fraudulently stolen from Western taxpayers by
Western politicians to support/finance the Pakistani traitorous
tyrants - the PPP, MQM and ANP rulers have divided the Pakistani
Nation of over 180 million Pakistanis into many warring factions,
sects and cults. Therefore, now the PPP, MQM and ANP corrupt traitors
- who act like actors, mercenaries, or slaves of Western imperialists
- are daily trying to disintegrate, break-up and destroy Pakistan for

Indeed, all corrupt, tyrannical and ruthless tyrants, generals and
politicians of Pakistan - who have unlawfully murdered, injured,
tortured, displaced and harmed millions of innocent Pakistani and
Afghan civilians/citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan - must be locked
up in jails for their barbarous crimes (including crimes against
journalists), corruption and frauds by Pakistani judges/justices or
the United Nations international courts of law.

All current and former criminal rulers (politicians, generals,
bureaucrats, diplomats and parliamentarians) of Pakistan can be
arrested, prosecuted and punished for all their notorious crimes if
millions of oppressed, persecuted and enslaved citizens - especially
all real journalists, lawyers and other Pakistani professionals
(including Hamid Mir, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi, Shireen
Mazari, Dr. Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan,
Muhammad Saleh Zaafir and Pakistan Justice Movement Chairman Imran
Khan) - vigorously refuse to tolerate the daily destruction of
Pakistan by the PPP, MQM and ANP careless leaders. Some MQM and ANP
activists have claimed in the past that MQM and ANP do not make the
decisions, take the actions and implement the policies/orders of PPP's
megalomaniacal dictators. If their ridiculous claims are really true,
then the MQM and the ANP must immediately end their support for or
political alliances with the ruling PPP, so that the PPP's corrupt
dictatorship could fall down today and Pakistan could be saved from
further or total destruction.

Dear people of Pakistan, speak out and act now like the people of
Kyrgyzstan in a revolutionary way every day. Read the thought-
provoking, educational and reformative poetry of Pakistan's
revolutionary or progressive poets - Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz,
Habib Jalib, Sahir Ludhianvi and Allama Muhammad Iqbal - to learn or
understand why you should topple the illegal corrupt tyranny of the
PPP. Do you want to die like Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians
and Kashmiris in an enslaved Pakistan occupied by the US, UK, NATO-
ISAF, Israeli and Indian armed forces, intelligence agencies,
mercenary war business contractors, war criminals and war profiteers?
How long will you survive without electricity, clean drinking water,
cooking gas, free healthcare insurance, free education, jobs, money,
human rights, civil liberties, rule of just/fair laws, equal justice
and other basic needs of life? If you fail to struggle today to remove
all PPP corrupt tyrants from power, then tomorrow the PPP incompetent
rulers will totally turn Pakistan into another Afghanistan, Iraq, or
Palestine. Instead of living like slaves, break all your chains of
slavery now to gain freedom, to end poverty and to first change and
then reform all the federal, provincial and local governments in
Pakistan, the homeland of all Pakistanis.

The following are some excerpts from the Guardian news story of 17 May
2010, written by British bearded propagandist Declan Walsh from
Lahore, Pakistan:

"In the [fake audio] tape ["Hamid"] "Mir" [or a Mir's voice
impersonator] describes [Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Pakistan Army's
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) ex-official Khalid] Khawaja as a
[US] CIA collaborator, questions his Islamic credentials, and accuses
him of playing a treacherous role in the 2007 Red Mosque siege in
which more than 100 [or 1,000 innocent Pakistani] people, including
the chief cleric [Abdul Rasheed Ghazi], were [illegally] killed [by
the PMLQ-MQM merciless tyranny of five infamous criminals, corrupt
outlaws and evil Satanists: General (R) Pervez Musharraf, Shaukat
Aziz, Pervaiz Elahi, Shujaat Hussain and Altaf Hussain]."

"Last month [April 2010] Khawaja's bullet-pocked body was found on a
roadside in Waziristan [Pakistan] with a warning note to other
'American spies'."

"As debate about the [fabricated audio] tape swirled in media circles,
[Hamid] Mir issued a strenuous denial saying the tape had been
fabricated by his enemies in [the PPP] government to destroy his
reputation and silence him."

"I never said these things to these people. This is a concocted tape,"
he told the Guardian. "They took my voice, sampled it and manufactured
this conspiracy against me."

"The [so-called] 'Taliban' [Pakistani or Afghan Pashtun students]
added to the controversy by issuing a [press-media] statement that
denied the [audio] tape was real."

"[Hamid] Mir has vowed to take his critics to court, but for now the
controversy is playing out on the pages of the Pakistani press. Mir
said the [fake audiotape] recording had been doctored by the [Pakistan
PPP-Controlled, corrupt and tyrannical Intelligence Bureau (IB) or by
the] Federal Investigation Agency [FIA], a security agency" [operating
under the command of PPP convicted criminal Abdul Rehman Malik, who is
anti-Mir, because Hamid Mir, his colleague journalists (including Dr.
Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Muhammad
Saleh Zaafir and many other journalists, writers and TV anchors) have
persistently opposed, condemned and exposed the crimes, corruption and
frauds of A. Rehman Malik and all other notorious PPP rulers/ministers
(including the PPP president, Asif Ali Zardari, and the PPP PM, Yousuf
Raza Gilani)].

"But he said the slurs had been politically orchestrated by the Punjab
[PPP] governor, Salmaan Taseer, and Pakistan's [PPP] ambassador to the
US, Husain Haqqani, who, he said, had released the [fake audio] tape
on a [PPP LUBP] blog."

"This [PPP LUBP] blog has a personal grudge against me and it is being
operated from Washington by our [PPP] ambassador, Husain Haqqani," he

Haqqani said: "We do not dignify conspiracy theories with comment." He
denied any role in the [fabricated audio] tape recording - ['which
might have been produced by PPP poisonous propagandist Salmaan Taseer
and pro-PPP misleading disinformationist Rashed Rahman of the pro-PPP
Daily Times rag in their pro-PPP Business Plus TV studio in Pakistan',
according to hearsay - but Husain Haqqani has refused to disclose that
who actually created/recorded or planted the fictitious audiotape in
the PPP LUBP blog].

"For too long we have protected our own," said [pro-PPP Daily Times,
pro-PPP reckless Editor Rashed] Rahman. "Now we have to speak
out." [Hamid] Mir said he was instituting legal proceedings against
the [pro-PPP toilet paper] Daily Times.

Khalid Khawaja's wife declined to comment. "I don't want to say
anything," she said. "This is a very, very dirty conspiracy and I
don't want to indulge in it."

Geo News TV Capital Talk Facebook states: "On 5th November, 2009, we
have shown the [PPP] blog 'Let US Build Pakistan'. The [PPP LUBP] blog
named few Pakistan's journalists including Hamid Mir as ISI agents." -
17 May 2010.

The Capital Talk Facebook also states: "We are taking legal action
against [pro-PPP] Daily Times (owned by Salmaan Taseer) and some US-
based blogs supervised by Mr. Husain Haqqani for hatching a conspiracy
against Hamid Mir by using a fabricated [audio] tape." - 17 May 2010.
- http://www.facebook.com/CapitalTalk


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واہ ری دنیا واہ رے زمانے سچ کہوں سچ کو سچ نہیں مانے ، جھوٹی بات کو جھوٹ نہ مانے ، واہ ری دنیا تیرے قربان

یہ ہمارا قومی شیوا ہے ، کے کسی بھی طور پر سچ نہیں بولنا اور اگر کہیں غلطی سے کوئی غلطی پکڑی جا ے تو اسے ڈھٹائی کے ساتھ مکر جاؤ

ویسے تو سارے ہی چو چوروں کے لئے پاکستان جنت ہے، اس لیے امید ہے کے حامد میر بھی بچ بچا کر نکل جا ے گا ، ورنہ دیکھتے ہیں کے میاں صحاب کس طرھ سے میر صحاب کو بچاتے ہیں


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