Hamid Karzai Appeals To Taliban for "Mercy"!!!


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I hope peace prevails in Afghanistan!!

I think for shorter term we will see peace, but once taliban start enforcing their brand of sharia, we will see some portions of their population resisting. When once you get used to some degree of freedom, its hard to be forced back into forced submission.


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Bila akhir pakistan ka western border safe hogiya aur bloch insergents aur indians ki maran shuru


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انڈیا کے پالے ہوئے کتو اب اپنے باپ مودی سے بھونکو کہ تم نطفہ حراموں کو بچائے تم لوگوں نے ڈرون اور راکٹ میزائل اور کارپٹ بومبنگ کی تھی طالبان کو مارنے کے کئے اب وہ تم کتوں کو پھول پیش کریں نطفہ
حراموں اس وقت پر امن حل تمہارے پچھواڑے میں گھسا ہوا تھا انڈیا کے پالے ہوئے کتو


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Americans created a mess, and gave Taliban a walkover. Taliban got what they wanted without any resistance whatsoever. They dont have a need for bloodshed. As a matter , they might have more support than Ghani did.


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read the history Karzai and Zame Khalilzad were the architects of the whole mess. they worked for Unical and gave the government idea to install a pipe line for cheap gas from Tajikistan via Afghanistan and USA invaded Kabul because talks between Taliban and US government failed over USA forces protecting pipe line.
now who thinks this Karzai is a good person? the man who caused the death hundreds and thousands of his countrymen is showing off as nationalist?