Gulloo Butt VS Gulloo Butt. MA Final Political Science Question.


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MA Final Political Science (Final Year) Politics of Pakistan = Total Marks = 100 Time allowed. 30 Minutes.

Attempt only question given.

Question: Differentiate between Gulloo Butt No.1 AND Gulloo Butt No. 2. Pictures given below. Please write their contribution towards uplift of society, people awareness, their political background, their achievements and anything you know of.

Admin can you please load Nawaz Sharif picture here.
Gulloo Butt No. 1
1. His actual name is Gulloo Butt. He is known as Nawaz Sharif. He is also known as Zardari, Insfandyar, Fazlur Rehaman, Altaf Bhai etc.
2. He hides his real name, intentions and future plans.
3. He use Gulloo Butt No.2. for whatever he needs, he can’t do
4. He claims to be representatives of People of Pakistan.
5. His DOB 14-07-1947.
6. He rules the Pakistani people by rigging Election using his twin brother.
7. He is found in Power corridors.
8. People know his pseudo name.
9. He has got international fame(notoriety) by doing corruption, Election rigging, murdering, court storming, bribing, and such acts.
10. He is plagued the Pakistani society
11. He is mafia leader.
Asmin can you please load Gulloo Butt picture here.
Gulloo Butt No. 2
1. His actual name and nick name is Gulloo Butt
2. He does not hide anything. He does everything in daylight.
3. He happily offer his services to Gulloo Butt No.1. and whatever he has been ordered.
4. He represents Gulloo Butt No.1.
5. He is twin brother of Gulloo butt No. 1.
6. He Helps his brother in rigging election and way it looks legitimate.
7. He is found everywhere such as Police, FIA, Bureaucracy, ECP etc. etc.
8. People know his real name.
9. He besides all attributes that Butt No. 1 got, his name is now in Oxford dictionary. Being used as Maxim, Noun, Verb and adjective.
10. He has plagued the Pakistani society.
11. He is member of mafia
Note: This list is unending but due to time and space constraint I have put only a few points up.
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