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PIA's famous Air Hostess Momi Gul Durrani died in an air crash

On May 20, 1965 Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK705 from Dhahran was descending on the runway of Cairo airport. This was PIA’s inaugural flight to Cairo.

unfortunate people onboard died.

Among the victims was PIA’s trend setter air-stewardess Momi Gul Durrani.

Both on its high-flying early years and its more troubled recent years. If ever there was a “Face of PIA,” it was Momi Gul Durrani.

No PIA personality, with the exception of Air Marshal Nur Khan (who, in fairness, was already a celebrity before he came to PIA) has ever achieved such public recognition, affection and fame as Momi Durrani did.

Photo is the monument (graves) of 119 fateful passengers of PK705 in Cairo, Egypt.

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If I am not incorrect this is a picture of the deceased airhostess of PIA. Her name was "Momi Gill". She was killed with all the passengers and crew on board a PIA plane crashed perhaps in Egypt in sixties.....???
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