Greedy politicians of Azad Kashmir


Sardar Attique elected as unopposed PM of Azad Kashmir as PM Raja Farooq Haider resigned

just before moving no confidence motion against him in Legislative assembly of Azad Kashmir.

It's not happened first time as Sardar Attique snatched PM-ship from Sardar Yaqoob in past

and now from Raja Farooq in greed of ruling.

The esteem-less ministers both times changed their loyalties accompanying their ministries flags.

This time condition is worse as efforts are been made to split the Muslim conference by some

senior personalities of PPP from Islamabad and later PML(N) chief announced the formation of

PML(N) in Azad Kashmir.

What do you think this political destabilization is in favor of Kashmir cause and for Kashmiri people?

and announcement of PML (N) formation is the right step taken by Nawaz Sharif to cope with

such destabilization???????