Grand tour of the Palatial Muree House!!!


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Multan officers ke mutaliq boltey moun main chaley parinegye Malshies ko

........اے وطن کے سجیلے جرنیلوں ساری عیاشیاں تمہارے لیے ہیں
? ? ? ........دفاعی بجٹ


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President (40k+ posts)
Phansi do magar defense budget ki aar main jo ayaashi hoti hai woh halaal hai ?

No, but there time is fast approaching.

They tied IK's hands by doing political maneuvering.
However, he has extricated himself from the shackles and they better watch out.

Turkey Model is on it's way, unless Media, Judiciary and Political Mafia with the help of GHQ becomes successful in clearing the path for another Martial Law.
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PM House
President House
4 Chief Minister House
4 Governor House
Army Chief House
Naval Chief House
Air Force Chief House
All Military Corps Commander House
Supreme Court Chief Justice House
4 High Court Chief Justice House

all these Bastard are rich enough that they can afford their own houses in their salaries

these should be converted into
"Places of Public Benefit" ASAP

Imagine how much money will be saved.

"Inqalabi Govt" of Imran Khan should move a Bill in National Assembly with its Majority Signatures and let the AWAM know who opposes and supports the "shah kharchia" of these Elites.

But, Shebaz Gill and his Crackhead Chairman will never do this.

WHY? cz

Fake Messiah kay ghar ka kharcha koi aur chalata hay ?
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