Global shortage of coronavirus testing kits critical - No way to stop it!


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We make the worlds best surgical instruments in the world.

Time for govt to take over medicinal/medical/surgical manufacturing units for next 6 months to control and launch massive production of what ever we need.

- PPE (Mask, Golves, face protection, gowns)
- Testing kits

- Establish pathology labs or contact private labs dedicated for corona testing
- Prepare a team of paramedics - team them up with local body rep, police and army jawan and launch massive campaign to test every individual as they do in census (madam shumari)
- Link every house hold with the NIC
- Test results to go in centralised location (NADRA)

- Local bodies need to be activated to prepare team of volunteers to help poor and destitute
- Allocate funds and equip EIDHI and CHIPPA to manage dead bodies (ghusal, burial) not every tom nick jerry should handle bodies who die due to virus - else it will get out of hand.