Giving MFN status to India will benefit Pakistan: World Bank


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[h=1]Giving MFN status to India will benefit Pakistan: World Bank[/h]
ISLAMABAD: The World Bank has saidPakistan will benefit from granting the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India.

The World Bank also suggests the two countries sign power transmission and trade agreements.

The 293-page World Bank document -- Pakistan the Transformative Path -- presents a possible list of the 12 most urgent transformational reforms required to be taken by the Nawaz Sharif government and include the MFN status for India, the import of electricity from India, among others, The News reported.

On August 20, the World Bank had announced that it had put together a Country Economic Memorandum and 16 sector-specific Policy Notes for the Sharif government to consider.

Ignoring the tensions as well as the complexities of the irritants, the World Bank suggested to Islamabad: "Completing the trade normalisation process with India and granting it the MFN status would help Pakistan benefit quickly from the fast growth and large markets," the report said.

"Conservative estimates suggest that bilateral trade flows could multiply at least three times, and most observers agree that the growth-enhancing dynamics that this process would unleash would be even more significant for foreign direct investment (especially information technology and manufacturing), services (including financial and tourism), integrated value chains in manufacturing, and power projects," the Policy Note said.

The document says, "A power transmission link with India, under a power tariff arrangement benefitting both countries, could be implemented in the next 6-12 months with a potential capacity of 1,000 megawatts."

Pakistan has shown interest in buying power from India, with its team visiting some power plants of the country last month in this regard.

The World Bank Policy Notes for the Sharif government also stresses on removing impediments at the border, especially Wagah-Attari, and along other trade routes.
A one-stop border post at Wagah-Attari would have a large demonstration effect, as would inland container depots on either side of the border, it said.

There is also potential for transit agreements to link Pakistan to Bangladesh and Nepal, and India to Afghanistan (similar to the one negotiated between Pakistan and Afghanistan); for associated infrastructure supporting new trade routes; and for online payment systems, the media report said.

It also talked about further integrating border communities. Populations along the border regions are among the poorest in both Pakistan and India, and so integrating their communities presents particular challenges, it said.

More localised initiatives to target them, including border bazaars and other measures to encourage cross-border trade, are yet to be fully explored. Some initiatives along these lines are already in place between Bangladesh and India, the report added.

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but in reality and strategically the China is Most Favoured Nation for Pakistan.... but in the Region India is also 2nd large country which mean 2nd Most Favoured Nation for Pakistan.... if india is interested in Gawadar,Gass Piple Line, Resolving water dispute & LOC then pakistan have no problem at all...
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I think we should ask IMF, World Bank , US to select our Prime Minister and our Government for us, they are wasting their time by influencing Pakistan indirectly at the end of day even if we have elected PM or Dictator we only follow these people and do what they want us to do.....:angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile:

What the hell we have done with our country that we have to learn from outsiders what we have to do within our own house.

Allah apna raham karay.....ajeeb dallal kisam kay hukmaran milain hain humain...mulq kee dalalee kartay hain.


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بھارت پاکستان سے ہر حال ميں جنگ کرے گا کيونکہ ہندوؤں نے دو ہزار تيرہ ميں جنگ کا مہورت نکالا ہے وہ خود ہي پاکستان پر حملہ کرے گا


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yeh mfn dene na dene ki nautanki pichle teen saal se chal rahi hai...........(bigsmile)


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Nooron ko world Bank ne ese hi to bheek nahin deni. . bheek dene se pehle shartein bhi poori kerne ka wada kiya hoga na. . . .


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If Pakistan merge with india, most of our problems of south
Asia ll be solved.
Aman ki asha nd bollywood are working hard for it.

Will never happen! There are already so many separatist movements in Bharat and you are talking of a merger:lol::lol: Our ancestors did not spill their blood like water to create Pakistan only to see their future generations undo their hard work. The vast majority of Pakistanis still believe in independence/partition. Aman ki Asha and Bollywood only impress a very small percentage of our community, even then none are propagating unification but peace.

Future Pakistan/Afghanistan confederation is very possible. An Indo-Pak merger will not satisfy or effect all the groups that want independence from Bharat like the Naxalites. Bollywood or Aman ki Asha do not have the power to create or destroy countries so get real!. Pakistanis love their country the way it is and have no desire for unification that would be required for such an event to take place.
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