Ghost of the Past; Revisits

A Khokar

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After laps of some 60 years, the old flame of European colonial powers is seen rekindled to revisit their abandoned colonial lands and this time it is arriving back laden with the gifts of freedom for the Arabs. Earlier the imperialist colonial powers were forced to withdraw from their colonies that back home their home countries were invaded by Adolf Hitler of Germany. To dislodge Adolf Hitler the Allied forces were made to fight World War II in which most of the European cities were destroyed and millions of civilians as well as military troops were perished. Eventually this war was won by the Allied forces but a huge task of rebuilding of Europe lied ahead. The cost of dislodging Adolf Hitler and deposing the Nazis of Germany were escalated that high that to cut the costs expenditure, they were compelled to abandon their colonies.

On the other side, the peoples from abandoned colonial lands who only knew how to remain enslaved by colonial masters; after finding their independence were totally left high and dry, clueless and vulnerable. Although, the haughty and corrupt local feudal lords took over the reins of abundant lands but they were always found at the door steps of colonial masters seeking all kind of help as how to run and rule their countries. This is how the colonial powers even living far off were practically able to pick and install the stooges of their own choice and to approve or disapprove the regimes, especially in the Muslim lands.

For last so many decades, the entire Middle Eastern stretch, from North western Africa extending to the subcontinent of India and Pakistan, the rulers have always been under western influence and running their state affairs at the whims and wishes of western masters. For running the dictatorial regimes, throughout in Arab lands, unanimously, as a policy matter emergency rules remain enforced; no political practices allowed and human rights are totally curbed. The older Arab generation of nineteen fifties who saw their independence from colonial powers and the generation of eighties which saw nothing but the failures of regimes in their home lands, living a vegetative lives are responsible of maintaining the imperialistic status quo in their countries given by the west.

Although above gave an ample opportunity to the west to run the dictatorial regimes of their choice and keep the regions under control. The local regimes were allowed to lightly arm themselves to control the masses but on the whole they have been kept defenceless with the heavy presence of western naval forces in the seas and their bases on the lands. Iran; the odd man out in the Middle East is trying too hard to emerge as local power but she is continuously harassed and suppressed by the west by enforcing various economic sanctions and creating turmoil within Iran to cripple its regime for which Iran is also declared an axis of evil by US.

Having gained sufficient time to recover after suffering the devastation inflicted by World war II ; although Europe has restored itself but at the same time the old flame of physically ruling the nations, previously serving them as their colonies never died down. This phenomenon has been more tempting as the old Arab lands which were once the source of simple merchandise like food grains, cotton yarn, spices and other raw mineral but after their independences they are now miraculously turned to be the lands of richest resources like minerals oil and gas which form the main source of running the world economies. While the dictatorial regimes are kept in power; the flow of oil from these lands remains the main issue so the entire Arab lands and Eurasia is cordoned off with the presence of heavy western land, air and naval forces. All most all the air bases in Saudi Arabia and land of Iraq and Afghanistan remain under US occupation. The main US Naval head quarters are located at Manama, Bahrain and US central command head quarters CentCom is located at Al-Hudaid US base in Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

But lately it is felt that above arrangements of maintaining the oil and gas flow out of this region and creating a western hegemony by keeping the heavily armed air force, navy and military forces in the region are incurring heavy expenditures losses on the western economies. The Neocons scheme of creating a phony War against Terror like in Iraq and Afghanistan to uphold the pretext to enable and justify the western presence in the region has met a total failure. At home the western local economies are suffering colossal recession and maintenance of heavy armed forces or indulgence in war like adventures remain no more viable options; for which the armed forces are ought to be withdrawn to reduce the burden on their economies. There are bad days ahead too for the heavily paid western proxies like Pakistan. But at the same time the totalitarian dictatorial regimes by Arab Dictators Club in the Arab lands for whose protection the western armed forces were deployed to help keep the status quo. In the absence of western forces, these regimes may prove to be too dangerous to be left intact. Supposedly; they need to be replaced with other form of governments in the region named as democratic regimes by which the peoples may happily be controlled by caging them in a set of western rules under the cover of democracy, where manipulation for installing the ruling parties of their own choice in the name of democratic rules of freedom may be possible and with less of the cost incurring on ground.

Accordingly western Armed forces from all the regions are being called back and tentative schedules of their withdrawal is announced but at the same time the western supported popular uprising in the Arab lands termed as Jasmine revolution duly orchestrated by the west is found an easy way out and this plan is successfully unfolding. One after the other Arab tyrants is made to fall. Some outlandish dictators like in Libya, Syria and others trying to cling to their dictatorial regimes are being flogged and coerced by use of NATO forces to make them fall back in line. Apparently a new classless and secular era of freedom duly designed and tailored by the west is unfolding in the region. At the face of it; it is taken as a dawn of new freedom Era which is meant to fully encage and westernise the peoples in the name of democracy and to control the lands and stream line the flow of world mineral resources of oil and gas for times to come.
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