Geo woman reporter attacked by PTI activists


The activists of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) one again manhandled a woman reporter of Geo TV while she was performing her professional duties on Thursday.

The PTI workers threw empty bottles and batons on Geo TV’s DSNG two times in which the woman reporter Farhat Javed and other media staff were sitting to cover the latest situation of the sit-in.

This fresh incident took place at a time when she was giving a beeper at 8:00pm on Thursday. She said that while giving a beeper, the workers of PTI started throwing empty bottles and batons at her vehicle and raised slogans against Geo. After that, she had to return to her office without performing her professional duties.Two days ago, the PTI chairman Imran Khan had strongly condemned the manhandling of Geo and other staff of media houses and directed his activists to refrain from such activities.

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If it happened while she was giving a beeper, then surely the cameras and mikes must have been on. Lets see it then.


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funny how we believe our enemy can do the worst without any proof but we won't condemn ourselves until we have it :/