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Genius at work

We have the news, correct or not, debatable, but it is a separate debate.

It has been reported that Osama was living on the 2nd floor of the house. It is also reported that he used the balcony for sun bathing.

What a genius. He was sitting just few hundred meters away from the academy, with offices of different military corps and other sub divisions of the army enjoying the sun on the balcony, without any fear of being detected or recognised by visual identification.

Does it makes sense to anyone or I am off my rocker?

1- How many people are of the body and facial features like OBL?

2- Even if he was in that house, why didnt he chosen to live on the ground floor, or more importantly why didnt they built a basement, with a ditch for sunlight?

3- The man who is wanted all over the world, living for years in a house near to a major army college and base without fear of detention?

4- What is the point of high walls when he is exhibiting himself on the balcony? Or he was under the impression the high walls will stop two of the biggest armies in the world to reach him?

5- Dunya also showed the interview of a little boy who said, he has visited the house and meet the children there, he was given two rabbits as a gift. Hmmm so a young innocent boy can get access to the compound of a world most wanted man and make friends with his children?

6- And ISI was unaware of his presences for years?

Do you guys get it, where I am leading this? These types of questions are coming next for Pakistani elites from abroad as well as domestically.

There is something rotten here. I dont care if OBL is dead, this is not the issue, if one would have asked OBL when he was alive, he would have said, I am as good as dead.

I am just flabbergasted from the thinking and planning of Pakistani Military and the elites.

I for one second do not buy this crap that Pakistanis were not involved in this action. It looks impossible for them not to be involved. They may have given the leading role to the Americans for their domestic consumption but Pakistanis were involved and provided ground and other supports to the Americans.
I just can not buy this argument that the reporters of ARY and other news channels were aware of Helicopter Crash immediately but our Army was unaware.

Now, they are spreading false information to restore their credibility that jets were scrambled but it was too late by then Americans were over the border. We know jets are mach2 or near about, while helicopters are way too slow.

Secondly, the jet should have been scrambled when Americans were getting in and not when they were getting out after over 30 minutes flight time + 40 minutes action time, it could be even more. What Pakistani Army is saying 70+ another 30 minutes it took them to cross the border that is for 100 minutes Pakistani Air Force was sleeping?

Or are they trying to give this impression that this is the standard response time for our Air Force?

This means, that Indians can launch multiple attacks on our important and sensitive installations, accomplished their mission, go back to their air space, before PAF is going to scramble their jets?

Then there are stories the Radar were jammed, when it looks bad, new false information spread, that Americans used mountainous terrain and low flights to avoid detection by radars.

What happened to our army check points on the border, Anti aircraft batteries, visual guarding of our borders? Can Indian use the same tactics and enter Pakistan avoiding radars, through mountain terrain in Kashmir and northern areas?

Why they take us for mugs?

There is absolutely no doubt, this action is taken by Americans with the help and co-operation of Pakistans high ups, with ground support and other facilities provided.

Iftikhar Hussain said on the television, when the PK police reached the scene of the crash, the army already had their cordon there and police was not allowed to attend the scene.

So what we make of the excuse of not knowing at al or scrambling of the jet was too late?

Pakistan and USA decided in advance that Pakistan would allow USA to take the full credit of the operation for their domestic audience, knowing the importance of OBL in their politics.

It may be true, that USA and Pakistan both were aware of OBL presence in the house and they had careful watch not to let him slip while they work out a strategy.

The extensive discussion between Kiyani and Mullen on regular basis, their meeting in Middle East, Pasha current visit to USA, all were for planning and preparation of the events.

USA realise it is becoming a quagmire in Afghanistan, a stalemate, where they can never win, if not completely loose either. Also Pakistanis were feeling the heat due to Davis fiasco, and they decided to pull it now and then concentrate on the details of USA drawn down and gradual pull out from Afghanistan.

For USA it was necessary to show their success against the book (English translation of the Arabic name) and claim mission accomplished in Afghanistan.

For Pakistan, the army is gradually realising, their credibility is getting hits all the time and they are exposing themselves with Pakistani public due to their policies and their help to the USA for fistful of dollars.

The parameters were set to declare Pakistan played no part in the operation. This is done for three main purposes there may be some smaller and less important aims.

1- USA apart from claims for domestic audience; would be able to control the flow of information and make sure the blunders are not committed by some idiots in Pakistani establishment when dealing with the media.

2- Secondly, give the USA chance and motives to declare mission accomplished and start gradual withdrawal.

3- In an effort to try to eliminate Pakistan becoming increasing target of militants of other factions which were not attacking Pakistan yet.

Pakistani Army and establishment, for keeping quite and accepting public humiliations world over, must have bargained heavily. Apart from some undisclosed objectives and demands. The most obvious must have been the status and role of Pakistan and India in Afghanistan after withdrawn of NATO.

I think, stupid Gilani, knew he couldnt give away the game, but couldnt resists making a comments of triumph.

We will see slowly the establishment and Government Issue piecemeal information to the media, depending what is discussed on the media.

This point of view is strengthening that there is no press conference or any other attempt to present the answers to the media and Pakistani Public.

Make no mistakes the Army must have been worried about their image in the eyes of Pakistanis. They may also have realised by now, they have committed a big blunder in underestimating the true extent and consequences of this action on Pakistani nation.

They are biding their time for the issue to settle, knowing very well the nature of Pakistani public, they will forget and pretend nothing happened at all, with in a week maximum.

First signs are already appearing, yesterday I noticed, Kashif Abbassi and Wasim Badami already changed their directions to domestic issues in their respective programs. I say message was sent.

Either my analysis is true or a fraud was purported on whole world with the help of Pakistani authorities once again for the consumption of USA domestic politics and to tell the world OBL has finally died. USA and Pakistan having knowledge of his death for years, decided to use the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Give some boast to Obama popularity and tell the American public we finally killed the baddie. And then move on to work out the withdrawal and post withdrawal situation in Afghanistan.

Either way, Pakistan was involved in both these scenarios. I am keeping an open mind, both could be possible.

Please write your say.