Fraud case registered against PML-N MPA


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LAHORE: A fraud case was registered at Ferozwala Police Station on Thursday against Sakina Shaheen, a member of Punjab Assembly belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

The applicant, Sakhawat, alleged that Ms Shaheen and a state agent had collected Rs800, 000/- from him for an 8-Kanal plot. However, they neither gave the plot nor did they return the money, he said.

On this, the police filed a case against the MPA on charges of fraud and cheating. But it is yet to arrest her. Sakina Shaheen was elected on a special PML-N seat.


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Another PML(N) politician involved in a fraud. atleast they will force him to resign.


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She should not be worried
MQM Punjab Main Aa Gai Hai
She will be ideal member for them

sarbakaf - Blogger
oh hoooo

its fake news yar...............a PML member and scandal of only 800000 8 Lakh...........thats an insult for all politicians ...en ka rate itna gir gaya hai......haram kamanay kay bee asool hotay hain.......koi izzat ka soda karay tou paisay too aachay lay naa.....

any way.....the way PML is exposed in last few months...i think after few months both SHARIF brothers will also be in news for corruption, degree etc charges


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so, another PML N member, another woman, another fraud!!

Nawaz League walon main kaafi "fankaar" paaye jaatey hain!!