For the love of pakistan

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Dear readers.
We as muslims believe that praying for the solution to our problems, or praying for Radd-e-shar and Panah from the devil/satan is an integral part of our belief system and only Allah can protect us from any harm or bless us with any good. Our prophet Hazrat Mohammad ( SAWW) always prayed to Allah for blessings be it a small matter or a big one and so should we.

I pray to all of you to try to spare just 2 minutes,only two minutes of your time every day to say 2 nafal -hajat to Allah for protecting Pakistan and its people from harm and to bless us with His bounties.
I believe with all my heart that Allah will solve our problems because as Allah has promised that our prayers have one of the three effects atleast and they are :
1) Prayers are answered/ granted, or,
2) Allah removes shar/ evil from our future, in response, thus protecting us, or,
3) Allah stores the prayer for benefitting us on the Day of the Judgement.

2 minutes each day is nothing for the blessings which could come our way.
If not every day atleast once a week or once a month or whenever we have the time.

Allah ham sab ka Hafiz-o-Nasir ho.Jazakallah